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10 Reasons to Select Magento for Your E-Commerce Website
26 Dec 2017

10 Reasons to Select Magento for Your E-Commerce Website

The use of smartphones and internet has proliferated in UAE’s futuristic and progressive city, Dubai. A survey conducted by MasterCard claims UAE to be leading the e-commerce revolution in the Middle East, with the statistics showing 5 out of every 10 people to be seeking services and purchasing products online. Proving Dubai’s fondness of online shopping and making it the perfect place to start an E-commerce.

With Magento E-commerce web development gaining popularity with each passing day, choosing one E-commerce platform has become tough. Several eminent platforms have made it to the top search engines. Magento dominates 26% of the market and is valued for its pith and core and the versatile features that continue to expand. It is reliable and is also known for its speed and responsiveness. The beginning of 2008 witnessed the growth of Magento at breakneck speed which is still uncurbed. In order to find out the reasons which make shopping websites trust Magento blindly, we have pooled up the motivating factors for this ultimate solution.

Open Source:

A set of simple instructions has made the installation of Magenta easy and trouble-free. The swift installation spares the need of any help or advanced skills, saving your money, time and energy. If you are proficient, you can change the core code to your liking and explore more features and functions once you have selected the corresponding extensions for Magento website. There is an array of free extensions, in case you are out of money. The Magento professional developers are ever-ready to up-date your platform according to the latest trends, providing you with a unique solution. It is for these reasons that Magento is favored by the IT consultants, with Magento flexibility and customization are assured.

Improved SEO and Marketing:

As much as websites are essential for the success of your store, it won’t be profitable without the appropriate SEO optimization and marketing tools. It is for this reason that Magento pays serious consideration to Search engine optimization. These tools benefit the online store owners by providing tools such as the developed search engine friendly URL’s, Google Site Map, integrated Google Analytics features or newsletter, and much more. With the help of the third-party components, the features are further extended. The discount codes and catalog promotion are added perks that attract customers.

Splendid Customer Service and User Support:

User accounts can be muddling ending up in numerous customer complaints. Magento solves the issue by offering an enriching customer account with organized history, wish list, and an efficient E-commerce. The enhanced tracking/confirmation e-mails, “Contact Us” forms, and live chat solutions will be revered by the customers. The loyalty programs extensions (reward-based discounts) have further won the hearts of customers. Magento has an extension library that tends to offer solutions that make the existing features fulfill any specific business requirements. The learned and experienced developers at Magento make sure the software is highly robust and enriched for its features.

Provides Scalable Solution:

Magento presents multiple platforms that proffer features, functions, and costs for businesses of varying sizes. The community and DCC, formerly Enterprise, platforms extend extensions that are modified to deal with the needs of large corporations along with the small businesses that are based on budget and business processes.

An Array of Impressive Features:

A set of stirring built-inn Magento features upgrade user experience and boost up sales potential. With an extremely user-friendly admin interface, shopping would never be an issue.

Promotes Third-Party Software:

Magento backs up a variety of third-party services, making the integration of other crucial software possible to cater your business needs.

Multi Stores and Language:

Magento E-commerce web development has the strength to launch multiple stores based on a single installation. This helps in the operation of online stores in different countries. Prices of the products and services can be adjusted according to the respective currencies. The immense flexibility allows the adjustment of the whole shop in any language you want. Multiple languages can be used within a single or multiple shop.

Advanced Search:

A built-in search bar allows the customers to look up for specific products. One of the most sought-after features by customers. The state-of-the-art search function allows customers to search for products both by name and by product attributes. The customers can also search for products or page just by asking.

Incredibly Modular Architecture:

Magento bears the credibility of extensive customization of both front-end (layouts and templates) and back-end (event, observer, rewrites, grids, etc.). The themes and customization features are one that meets both the business goals and the web design needs without affecting the entire system.

Professional Analysis and Reporting:

Magento ensures automatic reporting and analysis tools to the user. Such tools offer great insight that helps in determining bestsellers, most viewed products, search items, number of items sold per period, revenue, taxes and shipping costs. The Search term analysis suggests the top demanded goods. The integration with Google Analytics and accurate sales reports draws the overall picture of business performance.

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