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10 Latest and Best Food Mobile App UI Designs
06 May 2018

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10 Latest and Best Food Mobile App UI Designs

Through this age of apps, by using a superior food mobile app, any one can search,order and purchase different varieties of delicious food in online. So we can see the effective facilities of food mobile apps in our daily lives.

You may think for working on a food app, but no ideas? Did you ever look for the latest and best UI design examples of food apps to get inspiration? Here is a collection of 10 latest and best food mobile app UI design examples for you:

1. NomNom 

NomNom is a professional and beautiful food recipe app designed by Marc-Antoine Roy. This app easily can attract the food lovers. In this app, the designer attached so many useful and interactive pages/elements for user to make them free in explore, preview, learn, save and share preferable food dishes/recipes with ease.

Let us give you a example; the designer has created a top page located smart and powerful Search Bar. So that any food lovers can simply find the app and get their desired dishes/recipes quickly. The most easiest and neat interfaces of this app are to make easier to search, previews and share their recipe ingredients and steps in details.

This is an intuitive and user-friendly way to display the app contents. It is so easy for users to search, preview and share recipe ingredients and steps in details. The app is surely a useful material for the users to learn about how to design different food apps. In order to let designers, product managers and users know more about the features and values of the food app.

Overall, if you are a new user in food mobile app UI design, then a simple but standard food app could be a good example for you to learn and enrich your designs.

2. Kitchen Stories 

A useful and comfortable food recipe app is Kitchen Stories that shows you lots of recommended dishes with beautiful pictures. This convenient app is for cooking lovers who can easily find their desirable dishes as their recommendations. They can directly open a special Search page of this food app and find their desirable dishes merely by entering key words or clicking the shown food categories.

Moreover, except well-crafted and attractive pictures, the app has also options to present so many compact videos in special How-To section. This app is really a nice shot for people to learn about more dishes/desserts. And it is a customized Profile page that also allows people for saving or sharing their recipes freely.

3. Food Parlour

Food Parlour is basically designed for Cafe Restaurant. It is a unique and easy-to-use customized food mobile app. Having some common features of standard food mobile apps, such as powerful searching functions, beautiful food pictures and food recipe details, this has been added with some restaurant values and designed with unique services to attract the users. This one has also been increased hotel revenue online, including booking a table, locating the hotel, showing restaurant menus/recipes and discount/special offer information, etc.

The responsive interfaces of the app are very convenient for every user or customer to choose different foods with mobile device freely.The standard color scheme is also worth trying in your app UI design. In total, if you are working on a food mobile app especially for a restaurant/hotel/fruit shop, then this is definitely a useful way to make your food app unique and outstanding. 

 4. Weekend Dish

People can easily order meals, beverages, cafes, ice creams and more foods through the Weekend Dish. This App is a very simple and clean food delivery app.

A well-crafted Circle navigation is its most biggest highlight point. Each ring of this circle navigation has displayed diverse variables based on user needs.This is pretty much easy that one can order their desired meal quickly online. Moreover, the pure white background of this app suits perfectly with eye catching food pictures. And such simple, clean and neat interfaces are really effective to make the shown tasty food/recommendations stand out.

In end, it’d be better if you also add such special visualized navigation designs that will make your design best.


5. Tasty Burger App

Are you burger lovers? A very excellent app is designed for you. The Tasty Burger App is made for those people who are keenly loving to make order traditional burgers from the menu.

High-quality and attractive photos of popular burgers shows more interests for users in the applications. Modern color scheme, black background with yellow and white texts/buttons highlight the burger theme of the app.

Combining the features of different food/fruits, you can propose a perfect color scheme to make the entire app more beautiful and eye-catching.

6. Healthy Food App

Healthy Food App is an user-friendly and informative food mobile app that will provide recipes and tips on healthy food. The graphic elements and correspondent color solutions showcases the listed healthy dishes or recipes in an intuitive and visual way.

The app can be presented on different electronic devices, like android/iOS phones or iPad, etc. As a responsive app, it has smooth swiping interactions which is great.

You may be surprised to see its creative and unique theme. This app keenly grasps the user needs and chooses the theme of introducing healthy food and recipes. So that people will conscious about their health.

7. iOS App

iOS App Food Menu is very creative and worth learning food mobile app. It is actually apart design for the menu of a food app.

First of all, the designer adopts a particularly cool menu, a label-like menu, to showcase all food categories. Then they also use a unique accordion style to show diverse food dishes after these food category labels are clicked. After clicking these food dishes, you can also check further details of these delicious food dishes, including the prices, ingredients, comments and more. This is really cool and intuitive.

8. Box8 Food Ordering & Delivery App

Box8 Food Ordering and Delivery App is a good food delivery app which is created by 17 Seven studio. Its outstanding Side Menu of this app let users to reach various parts with simple clicks. It features sweet grid designs which are useful to browse and select needed dishes freely.

9. Morning Baker

Morning Baker is a simple food app that gives the all cooking lovers options to search all kinds of breakfast recipes, especially some bread baking recipes, and make beautiful and delicious western dishes. Its high-quality photos of diverse dishes, ingredients, and cooking tools in large sizes match perfectly with shown instructions. This will provide an artistic atmosphere at the entire app. So, if you are art loving cooking users then it is very suitable for you.

10. D-Drink App

A simple and cute beverage ordering and delivery app is D-Drink app. It has nice color scheme, pink background with white beverage photos and texts that makes the entire app beautiful and fashionable. The app has been plotted with very special and cute loading pages which could distract the user’s attention and let them unintentionally wait for a longer time.

So, in your UI design, you can add such humanistic elements, like cute loading pages, to make users engage with your app content for a longer time.

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