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10 Ecommerce Mistakes that Can Cost you a lot : How to avoid all Cost

E-commerce might look very interesting and easy medium of making money but once you are in the well, you will realize how hard it is to sell the products over there. The basic thing is, you are not the only one with the site! The competition in the eCommerce world is really intense and as such you have to make sure that your site is impeccable in order to have any chance of gathering success.

Like any other store’s owner, your goal is to get maximum crowd to your website and convert them into paying customers, right? But, hardly you are able to do this simply because there are a lot of stupid blunders on your site that are keeping your visiting customer away from being paying customers.

Ambiguous Product Descriptions

Let’s assume, you have the finest product that isn’t available in any other store and also have some fine images of it to support that claim, but you do not have a description that properly defines the product: what will happen? Do you really expect a prospective customer of yours to spend his hard earned money on something that he does not know properly about? Just put yourself in his shoes and then answer the question! We are sure that you would agree that he would not make the purchase!

For this simple problem; there exists a simple solution, and that is in writing a proper description that does not only describe the product clearly but also markets your product at the same time. Always make sure that your description carries the detail of the product along with a call to action so that you can win over the customer with ease. Since he is already motivated to buy the product, a little push will have him press the “Buy Now” button for sure!

Out of Stock Items

Would you want to spend your time on a site searching for a product only to find that it is “out of stock”? Just imagine how much disappointment would it cause and likewise, it causes the same disappointment to your potential customers.

So, in order to avoid this, make sure that all of those products which are not currently available are not shown or displayed on your site or your site’s search engine. If you still want it to be displayed so that a customer can add it to his wish list then in your site’s searches, you can add the option “show out of stock items as well”.

Displaying Wrong or Bad Photographs

There simply cannot be anything worse than putting up wrong or bad quality images for the products. If you want to increase your conversion rates, then it is highly recommended that you spend a lot of time in correcting these things on your site.

Nothing increases the bounce rate more than putting images that do not match the descriptions or the product itself. An image which depicts the garment’s color as green and black whereas in real it is grey and white will surely play a vital role in getting your side to the down!

Not getting your Ecommerce store a mobile friendly Website

According to a survey made recently, it came to the knowledge that around 80% of the dealings in the Ecommerce stores throughout the world are made using mobile phones. And with ever increasing features and popularity, this trend is only going to increase. So, this fact should be enough for you to understand that it is highly important to get your Ecommerce site mobile optimized. Ensure that you have the friendliest of mobile platform by going with intuitive interface which also carries easy navigation. This will guarantee that users go through an amazing shopping experience without encountering any problem.

An Easy Site Navigation

It is highly important that you make your site as simple as possible but hey, by simplicity, I do not mean that your site should not be attractive. Rather, I mean that it should be easy to use and should give a user a seamless purchasing experience. One of the ways through which you can get it done is by making use of breadcrumb navigation with which it will make it easy for users to jump from one page to another with minimal clicks. Since, it reduces clutter, give out a hierarchy design, provides easy backtracking and at the same time looks phenomenally amazing; it will ensure that you do not only retain but add to your consumer base!

Urging the Users to Register

It makes a big mess in the mind of the first time visitors when they are consistently urged to register themselves whilst they are taking a stroll or making a purchase. It is a big letdown as after this most of those first time visitors never make a second visit. Whatever you do, just make sure you do not urge or plead your customer to register with you. If he would want to he will and if he would not want to, he would never – end of story!

Showcasing “No Results”

It is highly discouraging for a customer to see a blank or “404 Error Not Found” upon searching for a specific product. It is highly recommended that you show him some other products of the same category if that particular product does not exist. Who knows, he might be tempted towards it more than the other one? Of, he is not, it still would not give a bad impression of your site!

Popups and Popups

It is never a good idea to bombard your visitors with popups. It is a thing of the past and as such, kindly let it remain in the past. If you really want to get people register for your site’s newsletter or some discount coupons then simply add a sidebar but using popups will only irritate the visitor and will compel him not to return.

Checkout Process

Checking out is the door of success for you, but you would never want it to be unused. As such, make sure that your site’s checkout process is as simple as possible. The E-commerce world loses about $18 billion just because of the complexity associated with check out; make sure you are not contributing to that loss by coming up with a very simple and including only important fields in the form of checkout!

Hiding Essential Information

Avoid dropping a bomb on your customer’s face by revealing to him the true price of an item after adding the extra cost such as that of shipping etc. It serves as a disaster for them, and they end up hanging their shopping cart on the midway. Rather make sure that you reveal the true price along with any other extra charges beforehand.

Hiding the information will, on one hand, will not leave you with added sales but rather it definitely will leave you with bad reputation and word of mouth!


Well, you just went through some and obviously not all of the stupid mistakes that the eCommerce web stores make. If your site contains any of these things, make sure you get it removed, and I am sure that you are going to see a gradual increase in your conversions. Furthermore, you can also get yourself an ecommerce management system that will help you in eliminating these problems. But make sure that you select the right one.

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