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How to Increase Cart Page Efficiency by Improving UX Design
29 Apr 2020

How to Increase Cart Page Efficiency by Improving UX Design

What is the perfect way to design a cart page for an online store? Most designers believe that providing no clutter on the cart screen is the best idea, because the customer can concentrate on shopping. On eCommerce sites like eBay, the strategy is commonly used.

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06 Apr 2020

Development cost of an e-commerce website and Mobile App like AWOK

Awok is an ecommerce website and application which operates in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. What is the development cost of an ecommerce website and mobile app like AWOK in Dubai?...

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12 Mar 2020

How to Increase Sales by Improving Your Website Design

An unattractive website is seen as incompetent and amateurish, which is an issue regardless of what kind of viewer you want to target. Whether you're selling goods or services, writing blog posts o...

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04 Mar 2020

SEO Checklist When Redesigning Your Website

A website redesign can improve the look, conversion rate, UX, and more of your site— but it can also jeopardize your rankings and website traffic. You can modify your domain, subdomains, page-level op...

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13 Feb 2020

UI and UX Trends for 2020 You Need to Follow

As a designer, I'm expected to be up-to-date with the industry. By the nature of the work and what resonates within the consumer, I thought I should make a list of emerging developments within the UI ...

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17 Nov 2019

How to Design a Website for the Best Customer Experience in Dubai, UAE

Dubai-a very lively city with millions of transactions going on every day, is so ahead in advancement that it is extremely difficult to design a website for its market. People residing in Dubai experi...

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28 Oct 2019

How to Turn your Website into a great Marketing Tool [Updated]

In today's world, a business website is the most important marketing tool for his potential client or customers. A website is considered as a virtual equivalent of a physical company. The primary obje...

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18 Oct 2019

Best website designing principles

In this world of technology, people prefer to work and complete their daily tasks online. For this, you need such a competitive and profit-oriented Website Design Dubai that boosts your business by dr...

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14 Oct 2019

Eight Reasons why you should hire a professional website design and development company [Updated]

If you are looking to make your mark on it; it is important that you or your business is represented through a platform that is enriched with sophistication and professionalism. The Internet now holds...

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12 Oct 2019

Tips to make a good Responsive Website Design in Dubai, UAE [Updated]

Liquid formats and media questions to adjust your site to fit in various screen sizes on the present web, so this means that a responsive design uses fluid grids. In the phone, desktop monitors, tabs,...

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11 Oct 2019

10 Reasons Why People are Leaving your Website Page [Updated]

Your business can grow with a good website or fall with a bad one. To learn more about products and services your firm provides to customers, clients will often come to your site. Retaining the presen...

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03 Oct 2019

Things to consider when designing a website

Once a website is correctly completed, it can boost your business to the sky. Turning the web traffic into simplified funnels can market the business to the next level. But if you miss the mark, it co...

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27 Sep 2019

Our Website Designing Process

When it comes to the website designing, the designers usually hold a perspective of a good website as a matter of just purposeful code, appealing visuals, Content Management System (CMS) or wireframes...

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