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The Perfect AWS Architecture For Magento Websites
24 Sep 2020

The Perfect AWS Architecture For Magento Websites

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides on-demand cloud computing in a robust, flexible, and affordable manner. A subscriber-based service is a way out of more conventional company hosting models. Each ecommerce site is unique and the type of approach required varies tremendously depending on the project specifications but there are some staple elements within the AWS suite that are likely candidates for Magento.

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17 Sep 2020

Apple Event 2020: Apple Watch, iPad Air Revealed But No New iPhone

During an online event at the company's headquarters in Cupertino , California on Tuesday, Apple unveiled a range of new devices, including smartwatches, iPads and subscription services....

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20 Aug 2020

Inside AWS Honeycode: What Is So Special In This Low Code Platform

AWS recently announced the beta launch of Amazon Honeycode, a new low-code / no-code creation platform that is completely controlled to make it simple for everyone within an organization to create the...

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27 Jul 2020

Cyber Security And What We Should Do In 2020

Ask any expert in IT security and you will get the same response. One of the biggest obstacles to cybersecurity is the human element, which makes knowledge of cybersecurity more important than ever in...

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20 Jul 2020

UAE Successfully Launches Arab’s First Mars Mission

From Royex Technologies, we would like to congratulate the entire Emirates Mars Mission Team for their successful launch of the Al Amal Spacecraft to Mars. We acknowledge their tremendous hard work, f...

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18 May 2020

Eid Gift Pack For Covid Hit Expats In The UAE

In these dire times of lockdown and covid 19, Royex Technologies has felt the need to step up and stand besides the ones affected the most. We have started an Eid gift package containing essential...

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06 May 2020

Which Cloud Provider Has The Best Tools For Lowering Costs: AWS vs Azure

Comparing Azure vs AWS pricing has always been difficult due to the frequency with which prices change. However, even though a pricing comparison may only have short-term value in terms of what you wi...

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20 Apr 2020

Auto Backup of Cpanel to S3 using WHM in CentOS7

As most computer users know, you should make a form of backup whenever you add or delete crucial data from your computer just in case something happens that could destroy this information. It may be a...

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19 Apr 2020

How to Host Wordpress Website in AWS

Considering making the leap to install WordPress on AWS directly? Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the biggest provider for cloud hosting services, so it makes sense to consider trying it out. Knowing how...

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15 Apr 2020

Tips to Reduce AWS Cost

The COVID-19 lockdown has severely impacted all aspects of the economy. It has forced cost-cutting everywhere. In these tough times, it is crucial to save money in every way you can. Similarly, when i...

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09 Apr 2020

AWS Architecture for Heavy Traffic (>30000 Visitors)

It sounds like everyone wants to create the next great scalable web app today. Now we are able to scale horizontally after decoupling my application-levels. In my application tier, we can use Elastic ...

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30 Mar 2020

Top AWS Cloud Security Tools

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is innovative in its ability to help companies scale their applications and infrastructure dynamically. Furthermore, they were great at baking safety features into their offe...

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12 Oct 2019

Royex has completed its 3rd participation in Gitex Fair

World's most important & influential technology event, Gitex Technology Week held every year in Dubai World Trade Centre. And it was its 39th edition of Gitex. This year more than 750 startup exhibito...

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