Android & iPhone Mobile App Development Dubai, UAE

Royex Technologies, one of the leading mobile app development company in Dubai and UAE possess vast experience in mobile application development in IOS, Android, native and html5 cross platform apps. We have already developed more than 30 plus apps for countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and can help you to choose right technology for your mobile apps project. With our experience, our dedicated mobile application developers are committed to provide the best mobile apps solutions which are cost effective and produce more revenues for our clients. We have skilled mobile apps developer who are expertise in iPhone and Android mobile technology and capable to develop applications to make the Smartphone work faster for their users.

With the advent of technology, every Smartphone users are in need of finding better ways to communicate things. Royex, understand this and creates new and exciting cross platform mobile apps for all users. As a leading mobile application development company in Dubai and UAE we develop mobile apps for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows mobile devices such as Smart Phones and Tablets.

Android app Development Dubai

The most prominent Open Source platform in mobile technology is Android. We have a dedicated and skilled Android apps development team, who has the expertise in building custom applications in Android technology. At Royex, our expert Android app Development Dubai team ensures that we offer the best Android mobile app design and development solutions for your business requirements and the app performs efficiently in all versions of the Android Application platform.

iPhone App Development Dubai

When iphone was introduced by Apple, it changed the way people use mobile devices. In Dubai iOs apps development has taken giant leap in last couple of years. At Royex, we have a complete understanding of iPhone application development, thus creating apps that can reach to your targeted customers. We are one of the leading providers of apps for the iPhone and iPad. The iPhone app developers at Royex build new and better mobile apps using iOS operating system that attracts new customers and increase revenue. Our iOs apps development Dubai team has vast knowledge in developing world class iOs apps.

Our iOS/ Android Mobile app development services

Ideation for mobile app development


We use our own tricks and process ideas that would be the excellent fit for your mobile app requirement


Our product development goal is to make best output results with minimal effort within an optimal timeline

Planning for Mobile App Development Dubai
mobile application development
Code Development - mobile app development company

Code Development

We write our code in the XCODE IDE that includes a code editor and a GUI for a faultless code development environment

App Testing

After finishing our app development we do multiple tests to ensure our final product is free from any technical error and well optimized for the user

iphone application development Testing
UI/UX mobile app design

UI/UX Design

Our aim is to provide effective, intuitive and engaging design for the client. To achieve it, our developer works closely with the client to fulfil all the requirements of the app resulting in some of the world class unique design.

App Deployment - mobile app development company

App Deployment

For smooth deployment of apps, one required a well-defined release cycle plan.

Technology we use

Our teams design robust and scalable solutions by choosing the right technology stack to build your app.

Technology we use for mobile application development

Why Royex for Mobile app Development Service?

At Royex we will integrate our comprehensive expertise with latest technical knowledge and provide incomparable mobile applications to help you reach out to your targeted customers with an ease. We are -

  • Advanced with our applications functionality.
  • Flexible with our design and work.
  • Cost-effective according to your business need and budget.
Dedicated team for Mobile App Development Dubai

Dedicated team for Mobile App Development Dubai

We have our own dedicated and talented mobile application development team for developing iOs, android, windows and they always produce the best one suiting your business needs.

Mobile app design for the best user experience

Now every business is running in the mobile device and everyone likes to do business in mobile by using mobile apps.Mobile application development in Middle East has increased by 130% every year and the figure will only go up.

mobile app design for the best user experience
mobile app development Quality assurance

Quality assurance and project management

Royex Technologies will also provide you cost effective Mobile application development in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia KSA, Abu Dhabi and Middle East. So your Mobile Application Development Dubai is in reality now.

Some samples of mobile app design we made

As we are working as app development agency to different digital and software companies, we are not authorised to display all our apps to all.

Here we have shown some screenshot of mobile application development which was developed only for us.