Woops EMS

Woops E-Commerce Management System (EMS) is a High Performance, scalable all-in-one E-Commerce Management System for SME, fast growing and Large Businesses. It has customizable features and flexibility to create an eCommerce Solution tailored to your unique needs. Now you can manage your eCommerce store from invoice to inventory, contact to courier service everything in just a click.

From Ecommerce to Travel company, Online Store to Digital Company anyone who requires to maintain the sales, inventory, invoices and reports with or without the payment system can use our system. If anyone who is looking to start an Ecommerce or online store, we can help.

Features of Woops EMS

Daily Operation

Manage the daily operation of an eCommerce site in just a click with Woops EMS. No need to worry about your delivery and courier records. You will be able to see everything in one go.

Big Data Analysis

Big data helps to create a better shopping experience, boost customer satisfaction and generate more sales.

Payment Gateway

Woops EMS can be integrated with any kind of payment system such as Paypal, telr, 2Checkout, Checkout.com, Salesforce, ZoHO and the list goes on.

Accounting (Double Entry System)

Woops EMS provides you the perfect platform to maintain all the accounts activities (Courier Service, payment received, payment due, partial payment, delivery activities) in one system.

Affiliate Module

Woops EMS has Affiliate Module integrated with the system. Even if your E-Commerce business does not have affiliate system, you can always start with by the help of Woops EMS.

AI Reports

Woops EMS comes with Artificial Intelligence; it will give business prediction by using all available information.


The best part of Woops EMS which helps you to know and track everything of your customers.

Supplier Management

With Woops EMS, now you can easily track everything of the supplier without much hassle.

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