Woops CMS

Woops CMS developed by Royex Technologies R&D group. In easy term, woops CMS is a web content management system where user can change and update content without having any technical knowledge. But woops cms is plenty more than. We are specialists in website development using different CMSs, we've got confronted many problems, while developing cms. Some of problems makes our developer’s life difficult. whereas others create the tip user’s expertise unpleasant. that is why we have a tendency to developed woops—to overcome problems with different CMSs.

The woops CMS has many features which will “wow” you. Multilingual, nicely Supported, Media supervisor, Banner management, contact control, content material control, search Better, Search Smarter, Tagging, Frontend modifying, user management, and plenty more.

Features of Woops CMS


Woops has an integral feature which supports more than 64 languages. Webmasters and content creators can create websites to be presented in multiple languages

Well Supported

Our teams of world class developers and business consultants/clients who actively help us in developing and upgrading our CMS in continuous basis.

Media Manager

Woops CMS has tool named Media Manager which helps to upload, organize and manage your media files and folders easily.

Banner Management

Banner Management is an another important feature of our Woops CMS. With the Banner Management you easily add advertisement and banner of your website and also control the ad.

Contact Management

The contacts component allows you to add several contacts, departments and categories, and extend the basic contact information with miscellaneous information.

Search better, Search Smarter

Not only that you can also analyze your visitors needs and streamline them better with the statistics. You have the option to use the included smart indexing, advanced search options, auto suggest searches which just make our CMS to stand out of the lot.

Frontend Editing

In woops cms you have the option to edit just everything from frontend. Just simply click and edit from the frontend and its really easy.

User Management

Woops has a registration system that allows users to configure personal options. There are several user groups with various types of permissions on what users are allowed to access, edit, publish and administer.

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