RSVP System

RSVP is a strong event management system to manage big events more easily and conveniently. Several events held in the UAE, USA, the Middle East and many other countries have been managed smoothly through our smart event management system.

Through this system, starting from guest invitation, you can collect their replies, arrange for their amenities, manage and provide their expected facilities, track their activities, and finally get their reviews and thank them. This online event management software is used by many of our clients in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Features of RSVP

Multiple events

Multiple events can be managed simultaneously.

Mailing & SMS

Strong and secure mailing and SMS system makes communication with guests easier.

Pre and Post Event Management

Pre-event and post-event information can be gathered easily.

Review and Feedback

Get guest review and feedback after the completion of the event.

Guest Information Gathering

Arrival time and transportation media, Hotel reservation information, Speaker’s details, Special requirements and so on.

Safe and Secured

Multi-level security layer to keep the information secure. All data are in Encrypted Mode.

Do you want to see a demo?

RSVP Gallery