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31 Jul 2017

Being organized is not only about perfection. It is about efficiency, clutter, reducing stress, saving time, money, and enhances the quality of your way of living. It should be a priority for everyone, but for small business owners, it is an essential thing for the success. Now when the inventory of a business is your concerned then keeping track on it is important, especially for small business owners. By keep monitoring, you can maintain the records of what item is going and what is coming. It is fine for large business,butit is a significant expense for the smallfirms. If you keep organized everything in the inventory department, only then you will know about them properly. For instance, what you need, when you need, and what you do not need. You can even save your time, as the famous quote of Benjamin Franklin says:
“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.”

Days of book keeping and petty cash books vanish. In the modern day, professionals from every walk of life prefer smart work rather than the hard work. So, for the smart work, they use Smartphone and other devices to take help from the latest technology. They all set to do lists, reminders, shopping, reminders and much more on the Smartphone through different mobile apps.

So, we have thousands of apps on various platforms, but for small business owners and manufacturing firms, inventory apps are the core part of their businesses. One of the best things about those apps is that they can work even without the internet connectivity. Suppose, if someone visits a remote area without an internet connection, still one can add the necessary data in mobile apps of inventory and later synchronized through the internet.

Any “App for Inventory” should be far only one single click away to be able to get orders, manage sales, control stocks with ease for various locations and automate back ordering.

So, from a very long time, a mobile apps development company in Dubai, Royex Technologies has been working on this kind of apps. Recently, we have developed inventory app successfully for our Middle East clients. We also like to share some of the best features of our app. They are depicted below.

Offline Access

Offline Access - Inventory Apps

Mobile internet connection is not an issue at all. The inventory app can synchronize your data. You are allowed to use every feature without being connected to the internet. However, the synchronization and uploading the data will require internet connectivity.

Invoice and Order History

Track Invoice and Order History by Inventory App

Things like order history, printing them along with email invoices and everything is available in our app.

Reporting System

Reporting System -Inventory App

The reporting system is quite robust and strengthful. You can also individualize it as per your business requirements.

Make and Manage Orders

How to Make and Manage Orders via a Inventory App

You can make and manage as many orders as you want. The edit option is available too. The app can also track the earlier orders for other processes.

Instant CRM

Instant CRM - inventory app

The app has made Customer Relationship Management (CRM) easier than ever before. You can reach your customer contacts quickly and capture new leads through our inventory app.

Aesthetic Mobile Catalog

Aesthetic Mobile Catalog - Inventory Apps

You can take high-qualityimages and it will update across the sales channels automatically. It can filter and search your catalog and keep track of your stock.

Multi-Location Inventory

maintain the multi-location inventory properly by our Inventory App

The app also has the feature to maintain the multi-location inventory properly. Many industries face issues with multi location inventory, but now the app is here with solutions.

Barcode Scanning

Barcode Scanning via mobile apps

The app can scan the barcodes easily with the help of a camera. The scan can also add the new products to your inventory items list.

Other Features

Extra features of our Inventory Apps

Other than the above features, the inventory app can keep track of your inventory stored and received, order complete, stock moves, inventory visibility and much more.

Summing It Up

Summing It Up - Apps for Inventory

Businesses like distribution and manufacturing for products and other services related to inventory management will find this app beneficial. As we said earlier, the book keeping days are gone, and smart work requires a smartphone and the apps in the modern era.  

The finest feature of the app is that it can use all your data without internet connectivity and later sync when it gets the internet connection. Using this app for your small business or large organization will surely support you and gives you incredible outcomes.

Due to security reasons, the app is not available on Play Store or App Store because the app was meant for our particular client. That app has every feature, we mentioned above. We provide Mobile apps development service Dubai, and to all over the world. So we can also add much more features as per the customer or company needs.

If you want to develop any custom mobile apps, please contact with us or call us at +971-56-6027916

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