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30 Jul 2017

These days it’s has become a trend to stay in shape. Therefore, the top priority for many people is wellness and health with fitness as its central component. The trend of staying fit is going viral, increasing the growth of trainers, gyms and others who are related to this field, which is much in demand for health conscious people. The fitness industry should not be taken lightly as it’s worth is3.4 trillion dollars with multiple different niches. Almost any approach works, you can have a scientific method, or you can casually tell your clients to just exercise and eat healthily, everything thing works as long as your gym fulfills its niche.

Like everything else, the journey to fitness and for more youthful self also starts online. Hence, it is mandatory for a gym owner to have a beautiful website that can really help in boosting his business. But a better idea would be to make a mobile app as there are many mobile apps that people download without even giving a thought. The Smartphone is not just a luxury anymore but a necessity. People are attached to them continuously, even in the gym, they have their Smartphone strapped to their arms. Therefore a mobile application will bring in much more customers and will be more efficient.

Having said that people also prefer to get particular attention and would always choose personalized trainers compared to the assembly line approach. Hence an app allows personalized workout experiences. Either call it a virtual coach or a pocket workout mate, anything goes.

Royex Technologies - Mobile Apps Development Company Dubai has developed an app for the fitness freaks. It facilitates the fitness management and the gym as well. Working two way, assisting individuals and owners at the same time. The app has everything that you could think of; exercise instructions, progress tracking, training plans, nutrition coaching and communication with their coach along with business information such as operational hours. You name it, and they have it.

Some noticeable Features of our app are:

Friendly User-Interface

Health and Fitness App - Friendly User-Interface

Our health and fitness app has a luxurious design with tons of helpful features.

Keeping You Close

Gym & Fitness app - Keep close to your members

The Gym & fitness app keeps you close to your members 24/7; it will do anything to keep the members together, either with promoting new services via marketing pop-ups or by filling the member with inspiration from motivational reminders.

A Comprehensive Solution

A Comprehensive Solution in health and  fitness app

You can have everything in one place like, progress tracking, exercise plans, important club information, class booking and client communication along with a nutrition diary.

Mobile Coaching Solution

Fitness App - Mobile Coaching Solution

This mobile app offers all the specialized tools that are needed by the clients to manage their schedules and to guide them irrespective of their location.

Apps and Video Go Side by Side

Apps and Video Go Side by Side - Apps for Gym and Fitness

Every app that plans to become successful in the future must have videos including gyms. The members will highly appreciate if the app contains educational offerings, workout videos and motivational video clips. You don’t have to worry as our app does it all and brings that streaming directly into your user’s hand.


Membership - Health and fitness app

Gym members are offered value added services by our fitness app such as virtual guides, push notifications giving them workout reminders and instructional videos. Thisretains the clients in a holding state keeping them engaged even when they’re not at the gym.

Controlling Business on the Go

Controlling Gym Business on the Go by fitness app

The primary feature of any app to become successful is engagement. Our fitness app lets you stay in touch with your members day and night, thus reminding you of fitness all the time.

Our App works in two ways. First, it can act as a fitness managing application that personally helps each member of the fitness centre to stay in shape. But the more significant usage of the app comes later, where it serves as a managing application to control and administer your business. If we look broadly, then we will find many gyms and fitness that are almost present in every country.Every month new members are added to these fitness centres which makes it very difficult for the owner to manage every member individually.But this age of smartphones has made everything very easy for us. Now you don’t have to hire new staff to handle new members. It can easily be done just by moving your finger tips as everything is registered, managed and controlled by the app.  

Royex Technologies - Mobile apps development Company in Dubai has developed such app for the client. There are several exciting features in the app that are related to fitness and the gym. We promise to deliver you this app in quick time due to our experience in developing such apps. We would love to help anyone who would like to start a gym business because we know very well which features are required to make your fitness business a huge hit.

If you want to develop such types of app or any custom mobile apps, please contact with us or call us at +971-56-6027916

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